The Code of Conduct is voluntary. Solar, Energy Storage and Related Service providers have to meet and maintain a standard of practice to be an Approved Provider.

It is a checklist for every stage of the process from advertising to quoting to post-sale support.

The standard includes things like:

     You will be truthful in your advertising and promotions.

     You cannot be forceful or coercive in sales or take advantage of vulnerable customers.

     You will provide a detailed, written quote.

     You will explain the equipment, installation and processes in a way that’s easy for the customer to understand.

     You will use materials that are the right ones for the job and comply with all standards and consumer laws.


     You will provide a five year warranty for work and the installation.


We've kept it as straightforward as possible while making sure that there are strong consumer protections and high standards of customer service. 


To maintain consumer confidence, we will investigate breaches of the Code, and take any necessary action.


Read more about the complaints process here.


Representative from peak industry bodies and consumer organisations form a Board that governs the Code.


The Code Convenor is responsible for the day to day operations of the Code.  


SESRS Code of Conduct
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the Solar, Energy Storage and Related Services: Providers Code of Conduct (SESRS)
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SESRS Membership Application Form
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Solar, Energy Storage and Related Services Membership Application Form
SESRS Providers Code of Conduct Applicat
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