Approved Providers’ have voluntarily agreed to do their business in accordance with the standards set out in the Code of Conduct.


If you believe they have not met these standards, please follow the complaints process.


1. Contact the company directly


First, contact the Approved Provider directly and outline the issues that have occurred. It is best to do this in writing, and to include any documentation you have of the problem. 


2. Contact the Code Convenor


The Code Convenor is responsible for investigating complaints and making findings about whether the Code of Conduct has been breached.


Lodge your complaint with them by filling in this form (document pending) and sending it to with all relevant documentation.


The Code Convenor will investigate your complaint to decide if there has been a breach. This investigation can involve speaking with all the parties, requesting more information, auditing procedures and talking to external organisations.


If there has not been a breach of the Code, they will let you know within 5 days and either suggest the best body to deal with your issue or assist you to resolve the issue with the Provider.


If there has been a breach, the Code Convenor will decide on what actions to take.The focus will be on protecting the customer and taking steps to fix the problems.


There is an Independent Complaints Board for complex or technical complaints and for Providers to appeal decisions.  

Actions we might take 


When a breach of the code has occurred, the Code Convenor will take the necessary actions to protect the customer and ensure that breaches are not repeated. 


Some of the actions that the Code Convenor can take are:


     Require the Provider to undertake training.

     Issuing an order for remedial work.

     Removing the Provider from the Approved Providers list.

If a Provider has breached the code, action may be taken immediately. 

Complaints Form